Tile Roofing

Tile roofs are a great looking, very durable roofing system.  Once a tile roof is professionally installed you should never have to install another roof on your home.  Tile roofs offer a variety of great looking colors and different profiles to fit any look you are trying to achieve.  Houses require “beefed up” framing for a tile roof which makes tile only practical in new construction situations.

Radiant Roofing is a TRI (Tile Roofing Institute) certified installer. All of our tile roofs are installed to TRI specs and are actually taken an extra step further in moisture barrier application.  We use Boral Tile Seal 50, self sealing moisture barrier instead of the minimum 30# felt that is required.  We use two step pipe flashings and metal in our valleys to insure against leaks in critical areas.

Tile roofs will not burn, be damaged by vermin, decompose or decay, delaminate, warp, lift or curl. Check with your insurance agent about a discount on your policy with the installation of a tile roof.  Tile roofs come with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty and a 7 year workmanship warranty.